2006-2014    Microsoft Research — Principal Researcher (Partner Level)    
Silicon Valley Campus.
Interdisciplinary research in statistical machine learning with applications to automated diagnosis and repair of distributed systems, computer security, and social networks

2002-2005    Hewlett-Packard Laboratories — Department Scientist
Utility Infrastructure Management Department
Responsibilities include technical direction, transfer to HP business divisions, and growth of a team focused on research of performance and diagnostic analytics for complex IT ecosystems. In 2004 I received the       Internet Systems Labs Research Leadership award, and in 2005 my team received the Department Team award.

1999-2002    Peakstone Corporation (start up) — Principal Scientist
Designed, developed, and co-implemented the core algorithms of the eAssurance product for assessing and monitoring ecommerce capacity and quality of service.

1999-2000   Stanford University — Senior Research Associate
Computer Science Department
Research on game theoretic and auction based methods for coordinating resource allocation in multi-agent systems.

1996-1999    SRI International — Manager and Principal Investigator
Learning and Adaptive Systems Group
Procured government funding for the equivalent of 4 full time employees and summer interns for conducting basic research on pattern recognition, probabilistic modeling, and machine learning.  Application domain included knowledge acquisition, image segmentation, and detection of address labels in mail

1992-1996    Rockwell Science Center — Member of the Technical Staff
Research on decision theoretic methods for planning and diagnosis.

1983-1985    Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research — R&D Engineer
Designed and assembled micro-controller cards.


1987-1992  University of California, Los Angeles - Ph.D. in Computer Science

1985-1987  University of California, Santa Barbara - M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science

1978-1983  Universidad Simon Bolivar (Venezuela) - Engineering Degree in Electronics (Cum Laude)


Automated discovery of fraudulent users and spammers in Skype by fusing information from social networks and service utilization.  Scaled up to millions of users.

Characterizing Twitter interactions and roles of users in recurrent group-chats (over 4000) using Machine Learning Generative Models.

Automated statistical analysis and visualization of performance data for large clusters of computers for automated diagnosis and repair.  This project included machine learning methods for automatically finding patterns of misbehavior and fingerprinting/clustering of datacenter problems for fast diagnosis.

Real time estimation of similarity between users in large (twitter size) social networks. Tested on networks of over 80 million users.

Automated personalization of (driving) route recommendations from GPS traces. Tested on continental size road networks. 


Hewlett-Packard Internet Systems and Storage Labs Team Award, 2005

Hewlett-Packard Internet Systems and Storage Labs Research Leadership Award, 2004

Rockwell Information Technology Team Accomplishment Award, 1995. For innovative research and development in planning  technology for transportation crisis management.

Nomination for ACM Award, 1993
Ph.D. thesis nominated by the University of California, Los Angeles, for the 1993 ACM Distinguished Dissertation Award.

IBM Graduate Fellowship, 1990-1992 

Cum Laude Honor Mention, Universidad Simon Bolivar, 1983


Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Usenix, and Association of Computing Machinery.


2013    Associate editor of the Journal for Machine Learning Research
2011    Associate editor of the Journal for Bayesian Analysis
2009    Invited talk to the NASA ICE conference
2009    Invited to the Dagstuhl Seminar on Self-Healing and Self-Adapting Systems
2008    Invited talk to UCB CS Seminar.
2006    Invited talk at the International Conference on Uncertainty in AI
2005    Invited talk at SIAM Data Mining Conference
2004     Created the interdisciplinary workshop sysML (machine learning and systems)
2004    Invited talk at Intel Research 
2004    Stanford University (CS Dept)
2003    Co-Chair of the first ACM Workshop on Self-Managing Systems
2001    Conference Chair of the Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence.
2000    Program Co-Chair of the Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence,
1999    Taught tutorial on Learning Bayesian Networks from Data at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI)
1998    Taught tutorial on Learning Bayesian Networks from Data at the National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)
1998    Member of DARPA panel to assess state of art in knowledge discovery, data mining, and machine learning research. 
1998    Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (till 2000)
1997    Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Applied Intelligence (till 2000)
1997    Invited speaker to DARPA Young Researchers Workshop
1997    Speaker in the University of Washington/Microsoft summer school on “Knowledge Discovery and Data mining.’
1996    Speaker in the NATO sponsored summer school on “Learning with Statistical Graphical Models”.
1996    Co-chair of the International Workshop on Nonmonotonic Reasoning
1995    Co-chair of the AAAI Spring Symposium on Extending Theories of Actions
1993    Chair of the Rockwell sponsored workshop on Qualitative Probabilities
1993    Lecturer of the course “Probabilistic Reasoning in AI Systems” in the 5th European Summer School in Logic Language and Computation


Dr. Roy Levin - Distinguished Engineer/Managing Director
Microsoft Research - Silicon Valley

Dr. David Heckerman - Distinguished Scientist/Senior Director
Microsoft Research - eScience

Chuck Thacker - Technical Fellow and Turing Award Winner